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'Sex blogger' murder link - News24

Kroonstad - The suspected "cyber terrorist" who was arrested at his parents' Kroonstad home at the weekend was also under scrutiny on Monday in connection with a murder that took place at the town more than 14 years ago.

Juan-Duval Lt. Uys, as he's registered at home affairs, was known in Kroonstad at the time as Ludie Uys.

He worked as an administrative clerk at the mess hall of the Department of Correctional Services (known then as the prison service).

He changed his name because he apparently didn't like his given name "Lodewikus".

In relationship with victim

It's not clear what the "Lt." in his current name refers to.

He had already changed his name to Juan-Duval Uys the first time he laid a charge at a police station in 1994.

Since then he has laid 20 different charges with the police.

In the past few years he has also used the names Neil Watson, David Baxter, Shaun Thompson and Skye.

Uys, Ludie at the time, was a close friend in the late eighties and early nineties of sergeant Hennie Schmidt, who was brutally murdered in the prison service kitchen at Kroonstad in 1993.

Rumour has it that they were involved in a relationship. Schmidt was murdered after Uys left Kroonstad.

Uys's fingerprints were apparently taken after his appearance in the Kroonstad Magistrate's Court on Monday.

They will apparently be compared with a fingerprint in blood found at the 1993 murder scene.

Schmidt was stabbed fourteen times with a knife and repeatedly struck on the head. His murderer was never found, even though the case was re-opened and investigated several times.

For the past few weeks, Uys had been staying with his aged parents in Suidrand, Kroonstad, who were unwell.

The couple moved to Kroonstad after Uys had already resigned from the prison service and left the town.

He was arrested in Kroonstad on Saturday morning on an outstanding warrant for the theft of R250.

The complaint was filed with the Table Bay harbour police in 2004.

He appeared in court briefly on Monday and will be collected by the investigating officer from Cape Town, to appear in court again on July 30 in the Mother City.

Uys, aka Watson, Thompson and Skye is apparently the man behind the sex blog in which several prominent South African are named as supposed clients of a male prostitute.

He was allegedly the driving force behind the notorious website crimexposouthafrica.

Charges relating to the site were laid against Neil Watson and Shaun Thompson, but not against Juan-Duval Uys. This is why the police records show only two charges against Uys.

He was apparently also the former leader of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

In this capacity, he claimed that his life was also in danger after nine gay men died in the grizzly Sizzler murders, in 1993.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Juan Uys Arrested

It was reported on 702 Talk Radio this morning that Juan Uys also known as David Baxter, Neil Watson etc have been arrested at his mothers home in Kroonstad.

It Looks like at last the end is here

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Tell us about Juan Uys

Do you know where Juan Uys is, do you have any information on him or his where abouts?

Do you have any stories about him?

Post them here

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Spies on trail of sex blogger over threat to Mbeki - Weekend Argus

Its confirmed in the Argus that Police and National Intelligence agents are looking for our friend

Friday, 1 June 2007

Jan de Wet never lived in 'Die Wilgers'

The Cape Son reported today that Ds. Jan de Wet never stayed in 'Die Wilgers'

They also state the the guy who posted the articles on the sex blog was Juan Uys, also known as Neil Watson and David Baxter from Crime Expo and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance

But read for yourself

Grindrod in 'merciless' pursuit of blogger - Cape Argus

[National Intelligence involved, read what Grindrod said below - Magnum PI]

Grindrod in 'merciless' pursuit of blogger
By Natasha Prince

ID city councillor Simon Grindrod is relying on police officers and their hi-tech methods to bring to book a mysterious blogger and former male prostitute who uses the blog to kiss and tell on his alleged clients, many of whom are prominent South Africans.

Grindrod is adamant that the author be brought to book despite the shutdown of the blog on Thursday.

The author, "Skye", left a notice on the blog saying he had stopped publishing the names of prominent South Africans - including a former Springbok rugby player, a well-known movie and television critic and a church minister - he claims to have had sex with.

This follows an apparent agreement with the lawyer of five of his alleged clients. He denied having made any money from outing the men.

Grindrod denied his lawyers had entered into any agreement and that the crimen injuria charges he brought against the blogger remained.

On Thursday, Grindrod said he would be "merciless" in trying to track the blogger. "We must use every means possible to find and track down this individual."

Grindrod said he had received many emails from the cyber community and one blogger claimed he had traced the authors' ISP (Internet Service Provider) address to Mandalay in Mitchells Plain.

"He realises that the people are closing in on him, which is why he shut it down," said Grindrod.

The blogger mentioned that he had relations with a member in the presidential offices and Grindrod believed this had grabbed the attention of the National Intelligence Agency.

"I expect the police would be doing their job and the blogging community have assisted."

He said the shutting down of the site had revealed the author as a fraud and heralded it as a minor victory for those named on the site.

"It's as if all of the people mentioned on the site have been vindicated, in a sense it is a victory. But I won't be satisfied until we get this man in court. It is important to stop him from doing it to other people."

In his statement, Grindrod thanked the blogging community for messages of support and assistance in trying to track down the culprit.

"I will not stop until my good name and reputation are restored and this individual faces the legal consequences of his lies and slander.

"I am determined that this individual should be challenged once and for all, to prevent him creating further hurt and distress to others in the future," Grindrod said.

"Once SAPS have apprehended this individual, I will urgently institute a civil action for defamation and damages in the (Cape) High Court."

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Grindrod will continue legal action ID

Press statement released by Simon Grindrod

‘Following news today that the slanderous SA Male Prostitute website has been shut down under the pretext that some form of legal deal has been made between my lawyers and the anonymous blogger, I wish to confirm the following,’ says Mr Simon Grindrod.

  • My lawyers have entered into no form of agreement with the anonymous blogger;
  • I will not withdraw my criminal case of Crimen Injuria against the offender;
  • Once SAPS have apprehended this individual, I will urgently institute a civil action for defamation and damages in the High Court;
  • I will not stop until my good name and reputation are restored and this individual faces the legal consequences of his lies and slander;
  • I wish to thank the blogging community for their messages of support and assistance in tracking the individual responsible for this fabricated website;
  • I am determined that this individual should be challenged once and for all, to prevent him creating further hurt and distress to others in the future.

    ‘As in most cases, the irresponsible actions of one individual should never be allowed to negatively impact on the image and perceptions of a particular community as a whole,’ Grindrod says.
  • 'Male prostitute' blogger deletes posts - IOL

    By Juanita Williams

    The blogger who claimed that he is a male prostitute and wrote that several well-known South Africans were his "clients" has deleted the controversial posts.

    written in Afrikaans, "Skye" said he has reached a deal with the legal representatives of five of his "former clients".

    Simon Grindrod, one of the men named in the blog, has denied that "some form of legal deal" was reached with "Skye".

    Grindrod says he intends "urgently" instituting a civil action for defamation and damages in the High Court and "will not stop until my good name and reputation are restored and this individual faces the legal consequences of his lies and slander".

    The blogger said he was contacted via email and agreed to delete the existing posts, and replace it with a letter explaining the supposed agreement.

    In a statement, Grindrod thanked the blogging community for "their messages of support and assistance in tracking the individual responsible for this fabricated website".

    "Skye" apologised to the gay community in South Africa, members of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance and Crime Expo SA, as well as the families of "clients" he named in the blog.

    He also claims to have withdrawn from a television programme.


    Lawyer gags sex blogger - NEWS 24

    [I would just like to note that I spoke to 3 of the parties named. All said they do not know of any agreement and was not part of it. They said their legal action against this person will continue, both on criminal and civil platform - Magnum PI]

    Lawyer gags sex blogger
    Andrea Botha

    Cape Town - The controversial "sex blog" in which an anonymous former male prostitute named and shamed his alleged former clients - many of them well-known SA celebrities - has been stopped.

    On Thursday, visitors to the site were greeted by a notice which stated that no further names would be revealed.

    The blogger, who went by the name of Skye, said on the blog that he had reached an agreement with a lawyer representing five of his former clients.

    He said he had been contacted by a legal representative of two already-named clients and three not-yet listed clients.

    Skye had published 16 names and threatened to name all 50 men he claimed to have had sex with over the past 10 years. He provided vivid and often graphic details on his blog of how he allegedly had sex with each of the "clients".


    He mentioned the names of prominent South Africans on his blog, two of whom had come out slamming the blog as completely untrue.

    Ex-Springbok James Small told radio station 702 that it was "rubbish" and criticised the blogger for refusing to reveal his identity. He said he planned to take legal action against the blogger.

    Skye said that his main goal was to get people to see the double lives that famous people live. "Sex workers are hidden away, only called upon by the famous people when they need sex," he said.

    "Revealing these details on my blog is for me like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission was for South Africa. I am making my conscience clean."

    He said he undertook to take off all information already published and to replace it with this approved statement.

    In exchange for the legal representative not revealing his identity, Skye agreed to remove all information, to stop talking to the media and to not participate in any debates or on websites about the matter.

    "I apologise to the gay community of SA, to members of the GLA, members of Crime Expo SA.net and all families of clients who were named, for any pain I caused to them unwittingly.

    "My intention in naming my former clients on a web page was honest, because I wanted to stop the selfish way in which well-known people treat male and other sex workers. I did not receive any money or make any profit from revealing my former clients.

    "I have withdrawn from the contract and the filming of a TV programme as the agreement with the respective representative prevented my participation," he stated.

    He also said he was convinced that in time, many would realise that what he started to do was the right thing at the right time.

    "I have no grudge against my former clients.

    "I wanted to clear my conscience about celebrities who lead a double life. That it was not the most ethical thing to do, is debatable."

    Must face legal consequence

    Simon Grindrod of the Independent Democrats told News24 on Thursday he was not involved in any deal reached with the blogger about taking down the content of the blog.

    He confirmed that he had laid a charge of crimen injuria with police two weeks ago and that police were looking for the man responsible for putting up the blog.

    He said that apart from any criminal action, he intended suing the blogger in a civil action as well.

    "He must be held accountable, he must face the legal consequences of his destructive behaviour."

    Grindrod said it made no difference to him that the names had been taken down from the blog.

    "The damage has been done," he said, adding that this individual was "obviously unstable".

    He said he was not worried about the claims made by the blogger, but about the principle that an anonymous person could make such claims.


    Wednesday, 30 May 2007


    Wednesday, May 30, 2007

    One of South Africa’s best known sport stars and celebrity sex symbol, James Small, has spoken out about being named as an alleged client in the controversial rent boy blog.

    Talking to David O'Sullivan on Johannesburg radio station 702 on Tuesday, an upset Small said that he was compelled to respond to the allegations that he had used the services of a male prostitute after his name was mentioned by a radio station.

    The majority of South Africa media have avoided naming those implicated in the blog – said to be written by a former rent-boy – for fear of themselves becoming entangled in any future slander litigation.

    Small denied that there was any truth to the statements about him on the blog. “I haven't read more rubbish in my life,” he said, adding that, “It’s sad that somebody like this is living some kind of sick fantasy.”

    He expressed frustration with the fact that the blog’s author has refused to reveal his identity: “The anonymity is frustrating - if they open their mouth they should do so with confidence.”

    The former Springbok, who has been in the news as much for his rugby career as for his good looks and personal life, added that he is planning to take action against the website and its author, and that he had contacted the police and his attorneys. He said that he is most concerned about the impact of the blog on his three year old daughter.

    The blogger, who has answered a number of questions on his website, has denied that he is the notorious Juan Uys, although he states that he has no intention of revealing his identity. He again claimed to be resident in Australia, but said that he is currently in South Africa for a short visit.

    He goes on to write that he does not want to make any money out of his “revelations” and that he has signed an agreement with a producer to appear in a television programme in which he will tell his story, adding that he would not be paid for this.

    The blog has added another four names to the list of the alleged clients, including the editor of a gay publication, a television presenter, and in a bizarre turn, Juan Uys.

    Interestingly, Uys, under the guise of different aliases, has previously discredited himself through media statements in an attempt to distance his various organisations from his past.


    Public help sought in hunting down bombers - SAPA

    Public help sought in hunting down bombers
    August 20 2000 at 12:31PM

    Western Cape Safety MEC Hennie Bester on Sunday
    appealed to members of the public to come forward with information regarding Saturday night's bomb blast outside a gay bar in Cape Town which left at least one person slightly injured.

    The bomb, planted in a car, exploded just before 10pm outside The Bronx bar wounding the club's doorman.

    Bester said in a statement that no group or person had claimed responsibility for the attack and it was unclear what the bombers had hoped to achieve.

    He praised police for their handling of the matter adding that he trusted every possible lead would be followed up.

    Western Cape premier Gerald Morkel expressed his sympathy to the wounded doorman but said he was pleased there were no serious injuries.

    A reward of up to R1-million has been offered for information that wil lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the recent spate of bomb blasts in Cape Town.

    Saturday night's blast came 15 days after a car bomb exploded outside the Constantia shopping centre in Cape Town.

    Police spokesperson Captain Jacques Wiese said the 31-year-old victim, a doorman at the club, had been about four metres from the car when it blew up at 10pm. He was taken to a nearby hospital with
    minor injuries.

    The windows of the club, on the corner of Napier Street were shattered.

    Earlier reports indicated that three people had been injured. Police however, confirmed on Sunday morning that the doorman had been the only victim.

    Police were on the scene within minutes of the blast and immediately cordoned off two blocks as explosive experts with sniffer dogs combed the scene for clues.

    One irate man, complained that police would not allow him to drive his car away from the cordoned off area.

    He said the situation was unacceptable.

    A taxi driver, who did not want to be identified, said he was cleaning his car windscreen 10 metres away from the club when he heard a tremendous bang and saw a car burst into flames. He said the flames shot up into the air about two storeys high.

    "I got one hellavu fright. All of us taxi drivers were shaking. My heart was still beating fast half an hour later."

    A BP service station express shop across the road from the club did a roaring trade as hordes of inquisitive people filled their stomachs with sweets, cold drinks and hot pies.

    National leader of the executive board of the Gay and Lesbian Party of South Africa Juan Uys said four other people, apart from the doorman, who had been sitting outside the club when the device detonated, were also injured. Police could not confirm this.

    Uys said had the device exploded some two hours later many more people may nave been injured.

    Last year his party had received a warning from a group calling itself People Against Prostitution and Sodomy, he said..

    "A day after the blast at the Gay Blah Bar, also in Somerset Road I received a call from a man speaking English who said he was from Papas," Uys said.

    He asked whether the Gay and Lesbian Association was going ahead with its national conference.

    "We were warned not to hold the conference. Why are gay bars being targeted," Uys asked.

    He said his three businesses and 20 other gay businesses based in Gauteng had been warned by Papas to shut down within two weeks.

    Uys said his party was going to contest the upcoming local elections and would register with the Independent Electoral Commission next week.

    The blast happened less than 100 metres from the Gay Blah Bar where a similar incident took place last December and about 500m away from Manos Restaurant where a bomb exploded last Christmas eve injuring seven policemen. - Sapa


    Gay alliance close to 100 000 members - SAPA

    Gay alliance close to 100 000 members
    August 31 1999 at 08:43AM

    The Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA) Party was on track to reach the 100 000 membership target early in January next year, the party claimed on Tuesday.

    The party had registered 65 341 members as of August 30 this year.

    GLA president Juan Uys said most of the support was based in the Western Cape (29 percent), followed by Gauteng (21 percent), Kwazulu-Natal (19 percent), Free State (17 percent) with the remaining five provinces accounting for 14 percent.

    Sixty-seven percent of the party's membership is aged between 17 and 32, highlighting the fact that a new lesbigay generation was merging into the political arena, Uys said.

    The alliance will contest the coming local elections and will focus on fund-raising, local and abroad, during the next few months. - Sapa

    Tuesday, 29 May 2007

    Lesbians and gays put record straight over DP - SAPA

    Lesbians and gays put record straight over DP
    July 11 2000 at 02:55PM

    The Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA) announced on Tuesday that it would change its name to the Democratic Lesbigay Alliance from August 1 to attract more voters during the upcoming local government elections.

    The new name would be soon advertised in the Government Gazette and the organisation would be registered before August 10 to contest the elections, said GLA's national executive board vice-president, Lorraine Wanner.

    "We believe the name change will be more attractive to voters ... and make us a more strategic role-player in provinces, like the Western Cape," she said.

    The GLA would contest this year's local elections because it did not trust the Democratic Party to keep the interests of the gay and lesbian community, she said.

    "The GLA called on all its party supporters to cast a vote in favour of the Democratic Party ... but the DP's mad decision to merge with our political enemy, the New National Party, has forced us to withdraw our previous support." - Sapa

    Pink fur flies as lesbigay alliances crack - Cape Times

    Pink fur flies as lesbigay alliances crack
    Ashley Smith
    August 06 2002 at 09:20PM

    Pink fur was sent flying on Tuesday when eight gay and lesbian organisations launched a blistering attack on the Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA), the "homosexual party" that claims it is the "political voice of lesbigay South Africa".

    Those who have distanced themselves from the GLA in joint statement yesterday are: OUT Well-being of Pretoria, the Triangle Project of Cape Town, the Kwa-Zulu Natal Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality, the Gay Health Centre of Durban and the Lesbian and Gay Equality Project, Q-online, Womyn Magazine and Behind the Mask, all of Johannesburg.

    But GLA media director David Baxter hit back at the alliance's detractors, collectively known as the equality project, calling them "Boswell Wilkie-style gay groupings" who had become "outdated".

    Baxter claimed the GLA, a registered political party, had 112 000 members, while the organisations attacking them consisted of "office staff".

    The GLA website, which included the gay version of a blacklist - the "pinklist", was launched on Tuesday.

    Baxter confirmed that the organisation had approved 37 names for the list and that these included Western Cape Premier Marthinus van Schalkwyk, former state presidents PW Botha and FW De Klerk, ousted premier Peter Marais, Mutual and Federal and the Dutch Reformed and AGS churches.

    GLA also claimed on Tuesday they had forced Marais into "exile".

    The allegations levelled against GLA by the eight other gay and lesbian organisations included that:

  • "At this stage" they have no proven track record of representing the interests of the lesbian and gay community;

  • The "homosexual party" as it refers to itself, has "no record of political struggle for lesbian and gay equality and certainly do not have a record of activism for democracy in our country";

  • The GLA leadership had not in any way contributed to the campaigns for partnership rights in the workplace and in society.

    Dawn Betteridge, director of Triangle Project, Cape Town said: "The GLA fails to understand that to win equality will take more than a factional and marginalised political party."

    She said the GLA's attempts to form a so-called gay political party, were "misguided and against the interests of lesbian and gay people".

    "The GLA cannot point to a single gain they have achieved for lesbian and gay people in South Africa. Rather, they have attempted to benefit from the reputation gained by our respective organisations. The GLA cannot claim support from any of the prominent lesbian or gay organisations in this country.

    "We jointly dissociate ourselves from any statements made by the GLA and we place into absolute dispute that the GLA is the political voice of lesbigay South Africa."

    Baxter said later: "The GLA is not striving for the support of any so-called prominent lesbigay organisations. We strive for individual votes at the ballot box. It now becomes more clear than ever that the panic buttons have started to shake the so-called equality project.

    "Certainly they realise their time is running out. The GLA is in a better position to represent the aspiration of South Africa's lesbigay community," he said.

  • Gay defectors still in closet - SAPA

    Gay defectors still in closet
    October 11 2002 at 12:11PM

    By Ben Maclennan

    A group of Cape Town city council defectors who were to have pledged allegiance to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA) failed to emerge from the closet on Friday.

    The GLA, which describes itself as the "political voice of lesbigay South Africa", had promised to produce the defectors on the steps of the city hall at 10am on Friday.

    It said the crossovers would enable it to make "an early entrance" to local politics.

    But while a gaggle of journalists, including two television crews, arrived to witness the event, there were no gays.

    There was a brief flicker of hope when the journalists spotted a man coming along the pavement holding up a handwritten placard that said "Fuck the ANC".

    However he turned up a side street, and by 10.45am, when the GLA had still not turned up, the disappointed hacks gave up.

    The GLA had claimed in a media release that it would produce nine councillors, three each from the Democratic Alliance, New National Party and African National Congress.

    It implied this would give it a deciding vote in the council, which the NNP/ANC alliance earlier claimed when it announced 27 defectors from the DA camp. The defectors give the NNP and ANC 104 seats in the 200-seat council.

    However an NNP source pointed out on Friday that there was something queer about the GLA's statement, as before this week's defections there had been no NNP councillors on the council.

    Those who had already defected to the NNP could not legally re-defect. If the GLA did have a list of "NNP" defectors, these could only come from the ranks of the DA, he said.

    If the GLA does eventually produce three ANC defectors, it will however reduce the NNP/ANC's absolute majority to only one seat.

    GLA spokespersons could not be reached on Friday morning. - Sapa


    GLA becomes the Death Penalty Party - Cape Times

    GLA becomes the Death Penalty Party
    August 01 2003 at 03:13AM

    The Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA) on Thursday voted in favour of a name and identity change to the Death Penalty Party of South Africa (DPP).

    Party leader Juan-Duval Uys said the 19-2 vote in favour of the name change was taken during a national executive board meeting.

    Uys said the party would contest next year's elections, but only at national level.

    The party's new names and symbols would be advertised in the Government Gazette within 30 days.

    He said the party's members would "continue to exist" as the "lesbigay" league of the newly formed DPP and would campaign for the death penalty to be reinstated.


    Gay alliance asks HRC to rule against website - SAPA

    Gay alliance asks HRC to rule against website
    June 29 2004 at 12:54PM

    The Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA) on Tuesday lodged an official complaint at the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) against an anti-gay website.

    In a statement, the GLA - a political party - requested the commission to investigate the "hate speech" on the website www.menagainstmoffies.co.za.

    The site has in the meantime been suspended due to AUP violations. AUP is an Accepted Use Policy violation and included material that is "obscene, defamatory, constitutes an illegal threat, or violates any applicable laws".

    The GLA, which claims to be the political voice of lesbigays in South Africa, said they condemned the launch of the site and would take all possible steps to ensure the prosecution of the "roll (sic) players" involved.

    The GLA further requested the SAHRC to recommend procedures to secure that prevention of a repeat of the activation of such discriminatory websites in the country.

    The party suggests a ruling against the site should serve as a "stern warning" against homophobic elements.

    The site, when still operational, sought to link Satanism with homosexuality and asked readers to vote as to whether "moffies" should be castrated, deported or "Sizzled", a reference to last year's Sizzlers massage parlour massacre. - Sapa


    NOTE: There have been rumours that this menagainstmoffies website was registered by Juan Uys

    Rival gay group out to get drag queens - The Star

    Rival gay group out to get drag queens
    Ndivhuwo Khangale
    September 21 2004 at 07:30AM

    A rival gay group is behind the metro police's threat to arrest masked participants in the Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade.

    "We are the ones who brought the Regulation of Gatherings Act to the attention of the police - it is like they didn't study it well," David Baxter, spokesperson for the conservative Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA), on Monday.

    After an outcry over the threat to arrest drag queens and other disguised revellers in Saturday's parade in Johannesburg, metro police on Monday backtracked and gave the organisers the green light to strut their stuff.

    But the GLA has vowed to make sure drag queens in particular are arrested for contravening the apartheid-era act.

    This stipulates that the faces of participants in marches, protests, demonstration or gatherings may not obscure their faces with masks or paint.

    Baxter said the GLA would immediately lay charges when the first drag queens hit the streets, and make sure they were arrested.

    The legislation made it a crime for anyone to obscure their faces during public gatherings, he added.

    "We are totally against such parades because they are unlawful and harm the image of lesbians and gays. They incorrectly imply that being gay and lesbian means jumping into the clothing of the opposite sex," Baxter said.

    Metro police said they had met with the organisers of the parade and were satisfied that they would be conducting a peaceful parade and would not be contravening the law.

    "At the meeting with parade organisers it was agreed that revellers could wear their masks, lipsticks and even paint themselves. However, they could not drink alcohol," Metro police spokesperson Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said.

    "The GLA cannot dictate terms for us - we use our discretion. Therefore, it was agreed that the parade should take place without hindrance."

    "We don't want to interfere with what they will be wearing as long as the procession is decent."

    He said the police and metro police, assisted by 600 marshals provided by the organisers, would monitor the parade.

    Lesbian and Gay Equity Project spokesperson Sean Lucas, whose group is organising the event, said the GLA should adhere to the metro police's ruling.

    "The police have given us the green light to go ahead with the event, and the GLA has no legal right to stop us."

    Meanwhile the Freedom of Expression Institute (FXI), which was also not happy about the metro police's intention to arrest parade participants, said it was happy about yesterday's ruling.

    Simon Ndungu, head of the FXI's anti-censorship programme, said: "I think the metro police have applied their minds and done the right thing."

    "The FXI is currently looking into ways of bringing a constitutional challenge against the Regulation of Gatherings Act," he added.

    Is Gaycardia on the cards? - SAPA

    Is Gaycardia on the cards?
    May 11 2005 at 05:49PM

    A gay and lesbian group said on Wednesday that it supported the plan to change Pretoria's name to Tshwane, but also wanted the suburb Arcadia changed to Gaycardia.

    The Gay and Lesbian Alliance said this would "recognise the contribution made by gays and lesbians".

    "Arcadia was home to numerous racist and homophobic National Party officials pre-1994," the organisation said in a statement. - Sapa


    'Homophobic remark' on soap opera stirs drama - Cape Times

    'Homophobic remark' on soap opera stirs drama
    September 30 2005 at 07:49AM

    By Nomahlubi Sonjica

    The Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GLA) has lodged a complaint with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission against M-Net for broadcasting a soapie episode that contained "an insulting, homophobic" remark - moffie (gay).

    GLA director David Baxter said on Thursday that during the second part of Monday's episode of Egoli a character called Joe had made the remark in Afrikaans that insulted gay men.

    "The use of the term 'moffie' was unnecessary. It was used in a degrading manner and pictured gay men as people without any courage," he said.

    Baxter said the alliance would not accept the insult and demanded that M-Net apologise publicly.

    "If M-Net fails to comply, the GLA will invest in a campaign calling on all gays, lesbians and their families to cancel their contracts with Multichoice," he said.

    Commission deputy chairperson Ratha Mokgoathleng said: "We will look at the broadcaster's reasons for using the word, in what context it was used, and for what purpose it was intended."

    M-Net programme acceptance manager Sbusiso Ndebele said: "Joe as a character in Egoli is an expressive person and it goes with his character to use those kinds of words."

    He said M-Net was trying to portray South Africa in a realistic way.

    "Even though it's derogatory to use those words, they are still used in South Africa. But that does not mean that we advocate that kind of treatment," he said.

    Ndebele said M-Net had apologised in a report it had sent to the alliance.

    Freedom of Expression Institute executive director, Jane Duncan, said the GLA was over-reacting and being over-sensitive: "The word was used in the context of a drama series and they should take into account that production companies have artistic licence."